You may be aware that for some time Bottisham Parish Council has been seeking to improve the play facilities available to the village. We understand from communications with Bottisham residents that this remains a key priority.

Whilst the Parish Council have secured agreement with Anglian Learning for out-of-hours access to play facilities within the village college, there is currently no pre-school play provision for during the daytime in Bottisham.

The pre-school play area included in the plans for the second phase of the Ox Meadow development isless than the recommended provision for a village of this size. Other possibilities that have been considered but rejected include land from private land owners, the new cemetery land that the National Trust owns as well as ‘dirt hills’ near the primary school.

The open space beside Ancient Meadows had also been identified as a viable option. East Cambridgeshire District Council kindly stated that they would be open to a proposal from Bottisham Parish Council to buy or lease part of it for a Play Area. However, following a consultation with the residents from Ancient Meadows it was evident that this was not supported or wanted.

Having exhausted all suitable options on publicly owned land in the village, the Council has now allocated monies in the 2023/4 budget for the purchase of land. We are also setting up a residents working party to explore potential sites and, after purchase by the Council, guide the development of a play area.

More detail will follow as we have this. However, to take this project forwards we are looking for the active involvement of residents to be part of Project Play and, if you would be willing to be part of the working party, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please write to us at: clerk@bottisham-pc.gov.uk