Anglian Water Works (9/10/23)



Anglian Water  - letter

Due to resourcing issues and the need to prioritise sending our teams to work which addresses urgent customer issues such as flooding and interruptions to supply, this work was delayed.

This work will now take place on 09 October 2023.

What’s happening in your area?

The drains and sewers in your community take water away to our water recycling centre (WRC) in Bottisham located off Tunbridge Lane, where it’s cleaned before being returned safely to the local environment.

Phosphorous is widely used in soaps and cleaning products but can be harmful to wildlife in waterways. To tackle this, we’re investing over £650,000 into upgrading our WRC, installing new equipment, and strengthening the current water treatment process.

Reducing the levels of phosphorus in the water that is returned to the environment will reduce algae growth and improve water quality in local watercourses.

How will the work affect you?

This work will be taking place entirely on our WRC site, so there will be minimal disruption locally, however you may see an increased presence from our vehicles in the area. While we carry out this work your service will not be affected, and you can continue to use your facilities without worry.

How can you find out more and get in touch?

You can find information about this scheme and see any updates by putting your postcode into our webpage at

You can also email us on or call us on 03457 145 145 with any questions.