For Info: Noise Mildenhall Aircraft Exercise



For Information: Possible noise from RAF MILDENHALL EXERCISE NOTICES

We have been notified of the following:

Night Flying September 18-21 & Natural Disaster Exercise September 20-22

RAF Mildenhall is conducting routine readiness training at night September 18-21 from 7 PM - 11:50 PM. This training has been coordinated and approved by host-nation government as a part of exercise Cobra Warrior. Training at night allows crews to train in different environments to enhance and maintain proficiency for any mission - day or night. This training is imperative to maintain readiness to support our regional allies and partners and continue to improve security and defense to the European theater. Cobra Warrior is United Kingdom Royal Air Force - sponsored exercise focusing on operational to tactual high-end spectrum war fighting in a contested, degraded and limited operating environment.

Additionally, there is going to be a Natural Disaster Exercise between September 20-22 from 8AM - 4PM. There may be increased noise from emergency response activity, as well as possible Giant Voice announcements to Shelter-In-Place.

This is likely to be heard around the more local area.