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Cambridge City Proposed Congestion Charge

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) has proposed a £5 charge to be introduced by 2027-28, which would affect private vehicles between 07:00 and 19:00 on weekdays. It is part of a package of measures to "significantly improve how people travel around" the city, the GCP said.

They state that money raised from the charging would fund improvements to the bus network (but we know for East Cambs our buses are being cancelled ... so please don't forget to complete that petition if you oppose).  The GCP are making other sustainable travel schemes. The Zone would be fully operational in 2027/28 but only once the first bus improvements are introduced.
It is out for public consultation either way agree or not you have a voice so use it.  
The survey is open today and runs until 23rd December 2022

  • Phone: 01223 699906 
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