Resubmission of planning permission for a Retirement Village


East Cambs District Council have advised that they have received a revised Planning Application for a Retirement Village from Axis Land

Partnerships for the Green Belt land north of the High Street. This is a re-submission of the plan (with a few amendments) which was refused by

ECDC and dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate last year.

The deadline date for comments to be submitted is March 14th, and the Parish Council urges all residents to respond to ECDC in writing quoting

application 23/00205/OUM for the attention of Andrew Phillips by email or by letter to ECDC Planning Dept, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely CB7


The application can be viewed here - 23/00205/OUM

Additional information form Axis Land Partnerships:

Axis Land Partnerships have not undertaken any further public engagement regarding the resubmission as there are only two changes to the previously submitted application, that being:-

  1. The submission of an updated and more robust alternative site assessment to show that there are no other available, suitable and achievable sites for such a scheme outside of the green belt; and
  2. A reduction in the parameter plans regarding the maximum level of building heights from 12m down to 10m