Neighbourhood Plan - Want to Be Part?


The Retirement Village appeal was dismissed ... but only just!!!

The protection afforded by the Green Belt is becoming increasingly less secure. Speculative developers are always looking for sites.

One of the ways to improve that protection is by a Neighbourhood Plan.

With this, the community, not just the Parish Council, can establish a vision for the future..... not only where we do not want development but where we do want it.

A Neighbourhood Plan would also cover many other important aspects, not just planning development. For example, recreation, sports and leisure facilities, local green spaces, youth facilities, the environment, employment opportunities and the many other issues affecting daily village life.

Once agreed with the District Council, an adopted Neighbourhood Plan has legal standing in Planning terms affording real and greater protection.

To do this, we need a working party from within the village of committed volunteers to work together to create a Neighbourhood Plan.

If you can lend some time to help in its creation, please contact:-

Jonathan Giles, our Parish Council Clerk on 07789 012761 or

John Wilson on 07850 332169