Annual 20mph funding programme open - anyone can apply


Cambridgeshire County Council have created an annual 20mph funding programme to install either 20mph zones or limits countywide.

The programme will open for applications annually and anyone can apply if they have the support of their local County Council member. Once an application has been submitted it will be prioritised and scored by officers. This will produce a long list which will then be worked through until all the schemes applied for have been delivered.

The prioritised schemes will be entirely funded by the council out of a budget of £150,000 per year specifically set aside for 20mph schemes. This is expected to fund the delivery of around eight individual schemes per year.

The 20mph restrictions will:

  • make streets safer by reducing speeds and enabling a more equitable use of the road space for all users (vulnerable road users, sustainable transport, businesses, and car users)
  • encourage residents to walk or cycle by reducing speeds
  • reduce noise and pollution by amending the way vehicles accelerate/decelerate

The initiative will not be compulsory (but the greater level of coverage we attain across the county the greater level of compliance we will gain) and needs to be supported by the parish/town council and by the local county councillor.

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