Black Sack Update



East Cambs District Council are pleased to confirm that the annual delivery of black bags has now started. Households will receive a roll of 52 sacks, which are intended to last until the next distribution, which is usually in the Autumn. Households will receive a roll of 52 sacks by 16th January 2023.

At the end of each week, they will post a list of all the areas that deliveries have been completed in, on their website. If your city, town or village is on that list, but if you have not received your sacks, please complete their Black Bag Rolls Not Left Form or email or telephone number: 01353 665555

Residents have until the 31st January to report their bags not being delivered.

They state they appreciate that the bags were later than normal this year, and are sorry for this. The delay was due to ongoing global supply issues. We thank residents for their understanding and patience during this time.