Welcome to Bottisham Parish Council website. Parish Council meetings are typically held the first Monday of the month at Bottisham Social Club.
Bottisham Parish Council, Parish Council Meeting, members of the public are entitled to attend
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    Welcome to Bottisham Parish Council Website

    ‘Serving the residents and supporting the community’

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  • Welcome to Bottisham Parish Council
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Bottisham Parish Council

Council challenge

(Bottisham Parish Council)

This website, hopefully, enables you to catch up on how Bottisham Parish Council is serving you along with lots of other useful information about Bottisham. This site also includes all the agendas, minutes of Parish Council Meetings and Councillor contact details. If there is anything that you feel the Council should be aware of or where it can help or support you, then please contact the Parish Council.

All members of the public are entitled to attend the meeting and you are cordially invited by the Council to do so. Time will be set aside prior to the published agenda to enable informal discussion to take place. You can find out more by reading our meeting Agendas and meeting minutes If you would like to come along we kindly ask you to email the clerk to advise of your attendance please.

You can email the clerk for any information and help regarding Parish Council minutes, agendas and upcoming meetings or questions or issues you would like to raise or addressed about the Parish Council or Bottisham Village.

Latest News

Bottisham Medical Practice AGM

Bottisham Medical Practice


April 2024
Bottisham Medical Practice AGM

Ancient Meadows Pathway Repairs - Out of Use

Ancient Meadows, Lysander Way Bottisham


April 2024
Ancient Meadows Path

Contractors from East Cambridgeshire District Council will be upgrading (with tarmac) the complete foot path from the Ancient Meadows road through to (and including) the area beside the kissing gate and the access from Lysander Way.

The works will commence on Wednesday 10th April - Friday 12th April inclusive.  

There will be signs beside the kissing gate, Ancient Meadows road and Lysander Way entrance alerting residents to the works. Due to the narrowness of the path it will mean that the path will temporarily be completely blocked during some of the works. 

This is very short notice, we understand, but it was planned for a few weeks time but the contractors had a cancellation and have fitted it in.  

Bell Road Disruption - City Fibre

Bell Road, Bottisham


April 2024
City Fibre


Unfortunately, Parish Council, were not notified about the roadworks on Bell Road. This is being carried out by City Fibre and agreed by Cambridgeshire County Council. The works schedule and notice is up on one.networkAccording to the works notice the disruption is from 4th April until 17th April inclusive. The works description has not been published (helpful!) by City Fibre.