Welcome to Bottisham Parish Council website. Parish Council meetings are typically held the first Monday of the month at Bottisham Social Club.
Bottisham Parish Council, Parish Council Meeting, members of the public are entitled to attend
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Bottisham Parish Council

Council challenge

(Bottisham Parish Council)

This website, hopefully, enables you to catch up on how Bottisham Parish Council is serving you along with lots of other useful information about Bottisham. This site also includes all the agendas, minutes of Parish Council Meetings and Councillor contact details. If there is anything that you feel the Council should be aware of or where it can help or support you, then please contact the Parish Council.

All members of the public are entitled to attend the meeting and you are cordially invited by the Council to do so. Time will be set aside prior to the published agenda to enable informal discussion to take place. You can find out more by reading our meeting Agendas and meeting minutes If you would like to come along we kindly ask you to email the clerk to advise of your attendance please.

You can email the clerk for any information and help regarding Parish Council minutes, agendas and upcoming meetings or questions or issues you would like to raise or addressed about the Parish Council or Bottisham Village.

Next Meeting

5th December 2022

Poppy Room, Bottisham Sports & Social Club

05 December 2022

Parish Council Meeting

Monday View Agenda

Latest News

Black Sack Delivery Update



November 2022
Black Sacks

East Cambs District Council are pleased to confirm that the annual delivery of black bags has now started. Households will receive a roll of 52 sacks, which are intended to last until the next distribution, which is usually in the Autumn.

At the end of each week, they will post a list of all the areas that deliveries have been completed in, on their website. If your city, town or village is on that list, but if you have not received your sacks, please complete their Black Bag Rolls Not Left Form or email customerservices@eastcambs.gov.uk or telephone number: 01353 665555

Residents have until the 31st January to report their bags not being delivered.

They state they appreciate that the bags were later than normal this year, and are sorry for this. The delay was due to ongoing global supply issues. We thank residents for their understanding and patience during this time.

Warm Hubs - Support this winter

Throughout East Cambridgeshire


November 2022
Warm Hubs

Warm Hubs

Warm Hubs will run throughout East Cambridgeshire during the winter months of 2022/23. They are friendly and inclusive places for all members of the community, offering not just warmth but a place to enjoy the company of others. Run within existing community spaces, local residents can visit a safe, warm and friendly environment to enjoy refreshments and social activity, obtain information and advice, and share the company of others. The network of Warm Hubs is truly community-led; coordinated and hosted by trained volunteers within the heart of local communities.

The network of Warm Hubs is truly community-led; coordinated and hosted by trained volunteers within the heart of local communities.

What do Warm Hubs offer?

Warms Hubs are being established in places such as: libraries, community centres, church halls, sports clubs, cafés and other places that promise a warm welcome to anyone struggling to heat their home.

Warm Hubs are totally free to use and will provide a warm welcome to all.

Some venues will also offer hot drinks, activities and other services, such as free wi-fi.

Warm Hubs will support vulnerable and isolated people, as well as those on lower incomes who are unable to pay their energy bills without compromising on other essentials, such as food, rent or hygiene, this wintertime.

We believe that Warm Hubs, established at a community level, will provide access to services for those that are perhaps ‘just managing’ with the cost-of-living crisis and who are not necessarily familiar with the systems of support available to them. The idea is to provide access to services at an early intervention stage, to prevent longer term hardship.

Where are Warm Hubs Near Bottisham?

Burwell Warm Hub

  • Venue: Burwell Day Centre, Ash Grove, Parsonage Close, Burwell, Cambridge, CB25 0EN
  • Opening times: Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm
  • Open from: Monday 7 November 2022

Ashley Warm Hub

  • Venue: Ashley Pavilion, High Street, Ashley, Newmarket, CB8 9DX
  • Opening times: Thursday, 12.30pm - 3.30pm (alternate weeks starting 24-Nov-2022)
  • Open from: Thursday 24 November 2022

Fordham Warm Hub

  • Venue: Victoria Hall, Carter Street, Fordham, Ely, CB7 5NG
  • Opening times: Monday, 9.30am - 12.30pm, Wednesday, 9.30am - 12.30pm
  • Open from: Monday 7 November 2022

Burrough Green Warm Hub

  • Venue: Burrough Green Reading Room, Bradley Road, Burrough Green, Newmarket, CB8 9NH
  • Opening times: Thursday, 3.30pm - 5pm and Friday, 9.30am - 11.30am
  • Open from: Thursday 3 November 2022

Ely Warm Hub

  • Venue: Ely Methodist Church, 13 - 15 Chapel Street, Ely, CB6 1AD
  • Opening times: Sunday, 1pm - 4pm
  • Open from: Sunday 6 November 2022

More Warm Hubs can be found by visiting:


Number 11 & 12 Bus - Update



October 2022
Bus Timetable

As you know notification was given on Sunday 18th September that Stagecoach was going to cancel the No.11 (Bury – Newmarket -Cambridge) and No. 12 (Ely – Newmarket – Cambridge) bus services taking effect on 31st October.

However, after many discussions with bus providers, local, district and central government and assistance from the A TO B1102 group all parties have managed to work with Stephensons, bus company from Essex, who will be running both the No. 11 and No. 12 buses. The routes are not 100% ideal nor secured down and some further work and discussions still have to be held but everyone is working tirelessly to get this sorted.

The No.12 will run into Bottisham village - coming down the High St from Newmarket and then into Cambridge via Bell Rd (and vice-versa of course). However, currently there is no Sunday service. We understand that the buses are not running down to Bottisham Village College. Unfortunately, Stephensons were not aware of BVC but discussions are being held.

The No.11 is planned to go straight from Lode into Cambridge and again it is noted that Bottisham is route to the Swaffhams and Burwell and other connecting villages.

The timetable can be found attached here and will be placed on bus stops, the Bottisham Social Club, Medical Practice, Noticeboards and Co-op.  There are many residents around the village that are not online nor on social media so we ask you, as fellow caring residents, please share the detail around.